Green Minerals AS: Mandatory notification of trade

Asker, Norway – 03 October 2022 – Reference is made to the stock exchange notice by Green Minerals AS (“the Company») on 1 September 2022 regarding the successfully placed private placement of 1,160,000 new shares in the Company (the «Private Placement»), and the share lending agreement where Green Energy Group (SeaBird Exploration Plc) agreed to lend a total of 1,160,000 existing and unencumbered shares in the Company to the Managers to facilitate DVP settlement.

With further reference to the stock exchange notice by the Company on 30 September 2022 regarding the registration of the shares in the Private Placement with the Norwegian Register of Business Enterprises, the share lending agreement with Green Energy Group (SeaBird Exploration Plc) has today, 03 October 2022, been dissolved and the lent shares has been returned to Green Energy Group (SeaBird Exploration Plc).

Following the Private Placement and completion of the share lending agreement, Green Energy Group (SeaBird Exploration Plc) holds 7,151,128 shares in the Company, which corresponds to 50.9% of the 14,046,400 outstanding shares in the Company. 


Disclosure regulation

This information is subject to the disclosure requirements in article 19 of the Market Abuse Regulation and section 5-12 of the Norwegian Securities Trading Act.


About Green Minerals AS

Green Minerals AS is a pioneer in marine minerals on the Norwegian Continental Shelf. Our mission is to deliver minerals for the green energy transition in a responsible and sustainable manner, thereby lowering the environmental impact and reducing the social costs from onshore mining. The Company targets a NOK 1,000bn resource potential on the NCS and expects pilot production to commence in 2026. For more, visit