With the strong backing from our parent Seabird Exploration Plc, Green Minerals is a pioneer in offshore mining and a leader in marine minerals on the Norwegian continental shelf.

Mission: We enable the worlds drive towards electrification and digitization in a sustainable manner

How: Deep sea mining of minerals and rare earth elements (REE) key to the green transition, eliminating the huge social costs in onshore mining while reducing the environmental footprint by more than 90% and at the same time solving a strategic need for EU and USA

The team

Our partners

The team

The team is reflective of Green Minerals growing out of our parent company Seabird Exploration Plc. The strong backing from Seabird includes an agreement on administrative and managerial resources, as well as a shared entrepreneurial energy and spirit when it comes to sharing geological and geophysical competencies across the two organizations. Green Minerals is hiring.


Ståle Rodahl
Executive Chairman
Green Minerals AS

  • 30 years in the financial industry
  • 10+ years in senior executive positions in banks in New York, London and Oslo – Alfred Berg, ABN Amro and ABG
  • Founder and 4+ years as CIO of a global long/short equity hedge fund
  • Chairman of Seabird
  • MSc from Norwegian School of Business
Maxime Lesage 
Senior Advisor Technology
Green Minerals AS
  • 10+ years experience from oil and gas marine and subsea operations
  • PhD in Geoscience and Petroleum from NTNU Trondheim
  • PhD thesis on deep-sea mining system on the NCS
  • Design of full-cycle analysis frameworks for decision-making support

Øivind A Dahl-Stamnes
Board member
Green Minerals AS

  • Geologist from NTH
  • 36 years in Oil and Gas at Equinor and Exxon
  • 15+ years in executive positions in exploration, development and production
  • Vice President Troll Field, North Area Initiative and Partner Operated Assets
  • Board member Seabird

Gunnar Jansen
Seabird Exploration, Plc.

  • 20 years in shipping, offshore, and seismic industry
  • 7 years in executive commercial and operational positions
  • Board member Green Minerals AS
  • Lawyer from the University of Bergen

Ronny Tømmerbakke
Chief Geophysicist
Seabird exploration, Plc.

  • Cand. Scient from University of Bergen
  • 15+ years in Seismic Industry
  • CGG, Multiwave, Seabird and researcher at University of Bergen