Partners and Affiliations

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Being a lean and efficient organizationwe are builing partnerships with leading participants in our industry to be positioned for future licensing rounds in Norway and for potential farm-in opportunities

We are deeply involved in academia, actively supporting and overseeing two PhD programs at the University of Southampton, an MSc thesis at the University of Bergen, and mentoring a PhD and several master's theses at NTNU. We take pride in our role in fostering expertise crucial to addressing deep-sea challenges. Our partnership agreement with the University of Southampton/National Oceanography Centre entails participation in the Ultra Project, providing us with firsthand experience through academic expeditions to the Mid-Atlantic Ridge. As a member of Offshore Norge, Norwegian Forum for Marine Minerals, and GCE Ocean Technology we are proactive in the development of the marine minerals industry and well connected to competencies needed to further develop the industry

After signing the Letter of Intent (LOI) with a consortium headed by Oil States Industries (UK) Ltd on March 23, 2021, we have completed a conceptual study for a comprehensive Harsh Environment Deep Sea Mining System tailored specifically for deployment in Norwegian waters.

The company collaborated on a study with the Finnish Geological Survey (GTK), renowned for its expertise in metallurgy and processing techniques. By delving into the metallurgical properties and processing methods of seafloor massive sulfide ore, Green Minerals gained valuable insights into metal recovery rates and anticipated concentrate grades post-processing. Armed with this knowledge, we explored the feasibility of blending seafloor massive sulfide ore with lower-grade terrestrial ore—a critical stride in comprehending the commodity and providing essential insights for discussions with processing facilities.