Partners and Affiliations

Being a lean and efficient organization, we are building partnerships with leading participants in our industry to be positioned for the upcoming licensing round. We partner only with acknowledged competencies in each field, bringing excellence in our operations and enhanced knowledge back to us.

Green Minerals operates as an «open source code» company in the industry, willing to share our knowledge with other participants. As members of the Norwegian Forum for Marine Minerals, Green Minerals will be a proactively contributing member of the marine minerals industry.

Our parent company Seabird is an important partner in providing overall support to Green Minerals and being a center of competency in all matters geological and geophysical.

We cooperate with academia and are working on several studies organized under two main areas: exploration and production systems

Partnering with the large funding programs in EU and Norway targeted at the green shift is a key element in our defined pathway to license awards.

Partnerships with mining and subsea specialists will be named at a later date

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